Cash is always accepted at the time of purchase.


Checks can be delivered to the front office.


Prepay online with credit or debit cards.

Prepay for Meals Today!


Elementary $1.50

High School $1.75


Elementary $2.75

High School $3.00

Adults $3.50

Free and Reduced

Breakfast – $0.25

Lunch – $0.40

A La Carte

Milk $0.50

Water Small $0.50

Water Medium $1.00

Water Large $1.50

Apple/Orange Juice $0.50

Switch  Juice $1.00

G-2 Gatorade (HS only) $1.25

Propel (HS only) $1.25

Chips $1.00

Cereal Bars $1.00

Sunflower Seeds $0.50

Corn Nuts $0.75

Fruit Pies $0.75

String Cheese $0.50

Fresh Fruit $0.50

Tornados (HS Lunch only) $1.00

Parfaits (HS Lunch only) $1.75



We have three convenient ways to pay for meals.  Prepaid meals are always encouraged.  This helps speed up our service and ensure that your child always has money on account for a meal.

Elementary students without money on their account can charge up to $5.50 and still receive a meal.

Elementary school students with negative balances greater than $5.50 will receive their choice of a protein box and milk or a visit to the salad bar with roll, cheese and milk until the balance is resolved.

High School students are not permitted to go negative on their accounts.  If at any time you feel your family needs assistance in paying for lunch, please complete an application for Free/Reduced lunch or contact our Food Services Department.



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